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As an interactive agency. We deliver web-based innovation since 2005.

8 years of experience
Over 200 projects

We create safe and easy to use solutions for business. We work for big brands and support start-up projects to help then achieve commercial success.

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności www.ecs.gda.pl
Serwis Europejskiego Centrum Solidarności Rolą serwisu jest zaprezentowanie oferty obiektu oraz udostępnienie informacji o planowanych i bieżących wydarzeniach.

W powyższym celu na stronie wdrożony został kalendarz wydarzeń, galeria zdjęć ukazująca charakter centrum, wersje językowe oraz interaktywny plan obiektu. Strona jest w pełni reponsywna.
Odwiedź serwis: www.ecs.gda.pl
Alfa Centrum - official website of shopping mall alfacentrum.pl

Official website for shopping centre located in Gdańsk.

Filled with news, events, promotions and interactive centre plans, which give precise information of brands located in Alfa's malls.

Odwiedź serwis: alfacentrum.pl
Clicktrans - transport auctions platform www.clicktrans.pl

1st such a platform in Poland. Designed for users who seek for best transport offers. Carriers bid their offers so the user could pick the one that suits him best.

In this project wre’ve implemented advanced search options and auction-type bidding system integrated with on-line payment methods. Additionally clicktrans.pl has been completely SEO-optimized.

Odwiedź serwis: www.clicktrans.pl
Hossa - mobile version of website m.hossa.gda.pl

Mobile version of main web service of Tricity’s largest building-developing company. Site covers whole company’s offer and delivers current information about Hossa’s projects.

Websites comes with geolocalization, detailed search, interactive maps and forms, galerries and responsive deisgn prepared for selected pages.

Odwiedź serwis: m.hossa.gda.pl
ShoesOn - sport shoes e-store shoeson.pl

One of first successful e-shops offering sport shoes on-line in Poland. It’s been authorised by most popular manufacturers - Adidas and Reebok.

This e-shop comes with advanced shopping system, multi-functional CMS, reportings, billings, on-line payments and other language versions.

It’s been integrated with SUBIEKT system.

Odwiedź serwis: shoeson.pl
Tyszkiewicz.pl - biuro nieruchomości www.tyszkiewicz.pl

Nowa strona internetowa jednego z największych biur nieruchomości na północy Polski.

Odwiedź serwis: www.tyszkiewicz.pl
National Centre for Culture - complex audit for all websites and social media www.nck.pl

Complex analysis of all existing prgram websites and officjal National Centre for Culture - NCK.pl.

It's covered almost 30 different websites and pointed out it's strenghts and weaknesses. Report also delivered specific instructions how to fix found bugs and improve pages usability and user experience.

Odwiedź serwis: www.nck.pl
Hossa.biz - property management www.hossabiz.pl

Strona internetowa dla zarządcy nieruchomości komercyjnych związanego z Grupą Inwestycyjną Hossa.

Odwiedź serwis: www.hossabiz.pl
Ingro.pl - Real Estate web portal www.ingro.pl

One of the biggest real estate portals in Pomerania region. Filled with offers and press articles.

Implemented: advanced search, filtering and sorting options and brand catalogue.

Odwiedź serwis: www.ingro.pl
Amber Expo - modern trade and exhibition centre www.amberexpo.pl

Official website of Gdansk’s new trade and exhibition centre - Amber Expo. It comes with news, galerries, calendar showing upcoming events and interactive plan of the building.

Odwiedź serwis: www.amberexpo.pl
Gdansk from the beginning - WebStar Academy Award gdanskodnowa.pl

For this project we've beed awarded at WebStar Internet Academy in 2010 in category: Culture.

www.gdanskodnowa.pl is an official website for social campaign supporting city of Gdańsk as a candidate town for the title of European Capital for Cultury in 2016.

Website and a related Facebook app allowed users to mark their profiles as backers of the Gdansk candidacy and reveal new undiscovered places in the city.

Odwiedź serwis: gdanskodnowa.pl
Hossa - Official web service of Tricity's largest building-developing company hossa.gda.pl

Main web service of Tricity’s largest building-developing company. Site covers whole company’s offer and delivers current information about Hossa’s projects.

Websites comes with detailed search, interactive maps and forms, galerries and responsive deisgn prepared for selected pages. It also comes with a dedicated mobile version with geolocalization features - www.m.hossa.gda.pl

Odwiedź serwis: hossa.gda.pl
Art Institute Island - Progress Island foundation web service wyspa.art.pl

Minimalistic site dedicated to people of art.

Comes with press publications, search engine, english version, newsletter and event calendar.

Odwiedź serwis: wyspa.art.pl
Fota-Groblewski - Audi & VW car dealer fota-groblewski.pl

One of the biggest car dealers in Gdynia. Offers whether new and used cars of different producers - mainly Audi and Volkswagen.

Site comes with additional language version (english) and has been itegrated with external service - OtoMoto.pl

Odwiedź serwis: fota-groblewski.pl
Blogi lekarzy - blog platform for doctors blogilekarzy.pl

Portal ispired by tradition of old journals doctors used to write. Now they do blogging instead.

Project released on behalf of one of the top med-producers - Polpharma.

Odwiedź serwis: blogilekarzy.pl
Support Gdansk - FB app used by over 25.000 users apps.facebook.com/popieramygdansk/

Our Facebook app allowed users to mark their profiles as backers of the Gdansk candidacy.

It's success speaks for itself - over 25.000 users all over the Europe has marked their profiles.

Marcopol - e-commerce system and official website www.marcopol.pl

Professional e-commerce solution based on 2B2 model. Designed for construction market participants across the world.

An official website  delivers information about company, it’s range of activity and products. But there’s more. After logging in, users get access to a highly sophisticated e-commerce system, which provides possibility of ordering specified elements and more.

Odwiedź serwis: www.marcopol.pl
Galeroo - group shopping aggregator galeroo.pl

Thaks to Galeroo.pl users no longer have to keep track of every group shopping service on-line. Galero does it for them and lists all active offers throught most popular services like Groupon.

Odwiedź serwis: galeroo.pl
Morze Nieruchomosci - real estate agency morzenieruchomosci.pl

One of the largest real estate agency in region. 

Portal delivers lots of offers, usefeul information - all combined with very intuitive UI.

Odwiedź serwis: morzenieruchomosci.pl
Smaki Hiszpanii - spanish cousine web store smakihiszpanii.pl

This e-shop is an addition to traditional shops located in Gdansk and Sopot. A variety of imported goods can be found here.

In this project we’ve implemented an advanced shopping system integrated with e-payment methods. System has been integrated with one of the most popular external storage systems - SUBIEKT.

Odwiedź serwis: smakihiszpanii.pl
ATENA S.A. - apps and social media profiles facebook.com/atenauslugiinformatyczne

Designing and implementation of official profiles in Social Media - ex. Facebook.

Profiles has been integrated with web applications which give users even more funcionality that Facebook gives by default.

ESTIMET - groundbreaking web app for metal sheet market www.estimet.pl

ESTIMET.pl is a web application which enables automation in the offering process for companies operating on metal sheet cutting market.

The general functionality is a script which analyzes DXF and DWG files in order to obtain optimal parameterization for valuation.

Odwiedź serwis: www.estimet.pl
Art & Business - WordPress based websites www.artbiznes.pl

For Art & Business we've launched several different WordPress based websites. 

All compatible with latest engine and prepared for further development.

Odwiedź serwis: www.artbiznes.pl
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